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Upside Down | Photograph by Romano Salis (@romanosalis)
“Acrobat and mountain guide Lukas Mathis on the top of Fiamma, a peak in the eastern part of the Alps,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Romano Salis. “After several fails, Lukas could hold his handstand and I was able to catch this breathtaking moment.”

“This seems so dangerous, to do a handstand on the peak of this rock face. I love how wide you made this frame, revealing not only the epic landscape to this moment, but also the height of Fiamma. I agree with Your Shot photographer Valerie Bryan who commented, 'Awesome shot! Although my knees got a bit weak looking at it! LOL! The sky is in perfect formation drawing your eye right to the man! Love it!'" — @natgeoyourshot Producer David Y. Lee (@davidylee)




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