@freyaziemska will msg u after work xx


@beanchon1 how can i get this kind of video quality/washed out colour/blurry etc? but without the vhs style and white lines running through??




The brand is white washed


I adore Khloe and I think her good American brand is amazing BUT, they always make a point to say they strive to make jeans that “fit” the average American woman... but the average American woman can’t pay $125+ on jeans...


@saeedj6996 فققییف


@mr._kumar_vikas. Como se llamara esta canción hellp me


You need a female firefighter to be a part of @goodamerican 💪🏽🔥








I wish we could get them in Malawi 😢😢


I am very much your fan and I am passionate about your Good American jeans, because they wear big sizes that are difficult to find with this quality and with these beautiful models, but I am very sad for not finding here in Brazil ...


What’s the song??? 🌟♥️




@zera.zer dude I know right!? That shot was bomb af

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