Gotta have that meal prep ✌🏻
Yesterday’s lunch and snack at work was beaut from cycle 1.0 of BOSS BODY @shapeupwithsher , sweet Greek spud with quorn pieces, veggies and a sauce made with fat free Greek yogurt, feta and hummus it was unreal, possibly my new fave lunch 😍

53 Newcastle upon Tyne



@shapeupwithsher really enjoyed it was so nice xx


Wow that looks amazing. Can I have some haha 😂 If you want more healthy snack ideas or smoothie bowl recipes I have a lot on my other instagram @lizziewagz I would be so grateful if You followed it my other account is @lizziewagz. And you will find the recipes there


Omg lush!!!! I’ll be pinching this xx


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