@bieberstalented nah it’s a book of rambling


@tinglemhoih rape girls from other religions??? Are you serious woman. Its not true. If you've seen this action from someone who is a muslim, it doesn't mean it's written in the Quran.. also the bible says to kill non believers. (Im not talking with hate, ofcourse not. I respect Christianity because it's the nearest to Islam, and Christians are nice but you should know the real Islam not what the media shows you.)


@jordanellingham go read all of the Quran then you can talk


What a message πŸ’•πŸ’•


@monica_s7 the fact that you call yourself a Christian and then accuse a preacher (preaching about Jesus and Jesus alone) of being a false teacher...


Can people who like garage memes please follow me




Love it


Oh my gosh how much can you people Twist the truth.


Only you can post this because your heart is full of so much of love and greatness πŸ’œJUSTIN πŸ’–


The issue is that youbare applying modern values and norms to thousands of years ago. Immigration back then was not the same concept it is now. The Pharos and royalty were not going to take of jesus mary and joseph. They had to fend for themselvs and would not benifit from a socialist leaning society. Good concept and a unique pespective, But for all intents and purposes, unapplicable.


Made my day


fake christian, true agent of satan, liar, God sees you! stop to use his name for your BS!! go to hell, bad karma on you!

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