Gareth Bale

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پیجتونو خیلی قشنگه واقعا لذت بردم. میشه پیج منم فالو کنید و همراهمون باشید🌹🙏🌹🙏


Amazing city and concert 💖💚💙💛💙💛💞💕💓💖💚💚💗💚




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What a crowd man




@rezaf.007 دارن سینه مزنن 😂






Hey! Nice gallery you have 😊 I mean I liked it 👌




@garethbale11 you like ed sheeran's music?


@harshithrawal04 His name is ED SHEERAN AND HE MAKES AWSOME music


happy birthday... prance of Wales💎


@choaa63 decul decul

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