Reaching their first AFC Championship since 1999...the @jaguars' TOP 10 PLAYS of 2017! 🔥




@ashton__gunter they blew a 20-10 lead...


Good stuff


Like if Jaguars defense carried the team.


Shout out to @jaguars to their defense


@tbesteven rivers laying that wood


@paytonmarling nah he got injured 2 plays before this lol


@supreme._.jack it was tyrod anyway I thought


@oursf49ers stop you know the refs won that for y’all quit trippin 🤫


Still got trucked by Philip rivers




Jags should’ve beat the patriots in the afc championship the refs were for the patriots the entire game


@tycoon__1 the chargers aren’t even in their division..


Phillip rivers pop him tho 😂😂😂


@saquonn26 hope they do it this year


@noah.coon your 100% wrong


AJ gotta score that


@_brian_kennedy_ that’s what I was going to say because I saw the clip and I was like dang because that was a huge hit


That first play should be on Philip rivers highlight tape he cracked him lmao


@da_real_jacob_d You guys did amazing things in playoffs


I think u mean top 3

@caleb97yingyang dude look at the hit rivers lands on bouye


10 plays more like 3


Rivers put a hitstick on bouye lol


This are 3 idiot


It’ll be the last one too. Texans are healthy and coming back for the crown.


Say that again ghettogronk I will beat u up


Why’d rivers through it that far in it oh well I guess it’s water under the bridge haha


Myles jack wasn’t down

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