David Beckham

Can’t wait to share more with you this week! #ThisIsMiami #MLS @futbolmiamimls




I’m didn’t know where to send my application so just in cause I’m live it in nearest office.Maybe it’s not my favourite place to live like Mexico but much more close like from Europ and in 2026 America share 🏆⚽️with Mexico 🇲🇽 so you never know🤷‍♂️




@leovaldivia17 If they have a youth team Leo should join some day! He looks good.


@redtailz00 wait they are gonna build it on the golf course by the airport??


Very sweet :)


Man, incredible. Why didn't @espn @cycle or @sportscenter repost this


Be careful in air dick head.


Sunshine 🍑🍆🍟🍌🍌🍌 comment my post




@redtailz00 go play your golf somewhere else, whatever he wants to go their building some a museum or something else.....grow up Florida!!!!!!!


You should come and build your stadium in Broward county Florida, were there is a variety of wonderful beaches; and most of it people who we really want to see our cities getting bigger and better, unlike some people @davidbeckham @uninoticias


Congratulations David for this project 👍👍👍


Yesssss i want that . i cant way too enjoy that gokdesss park with uu . goldesss find for u dreams. I oove that.


@davidbeckham you should name the team Miami International Football Club ! It has a better ring to it and sounds legendary


🏝🇨🇺 This stadium needs to get done and approved soon. Miami Quebola 🎉👌

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