Wardell Curry

Check us out tonight on @familyfeudabc 8/7C. Going head to head with @cp3 and Family! #CelebrityFamilyFeud

Check us out tonight on @familyfeudabc 8/7C. Going head to head with @cp3 and Family! #CelebrityFamilyFeud




@josh_abernathy_14 i mean i am a warriors fan but if CP3 didn’t get injured we would’ve lost.


Who going for curry team??


Where is seth?


Where was my man seth


Ok Ayesha snapped😭💯


Were is seth


Curry gonna win of corse


Where Seth at


Why was Seth not on it too tho?🧐


Curry all the way


Wtf Kick out @ayeshacurry. And put @sdotcurry


Can’t believe cliff Paul wasn’t on family feud bruh!!


Bruh seth


That will be awesome pulling for the Curry’s Sorry CP3


You eliminated @cp3 for the second time this year 😂😭😭


You have one of the best photo galleries I've seen so far today 📸😊👍


Hope to see Chris Paul shimmy on Steph Curry again.


My favorite show and my favorite basketball player.


the only reason you won this is bc you got carried like always


@thyracurrie right he wasn’t there when they filmed Bc of his injury . Folks forget stuff like this is filmed weeks sometimes months in advance. They know so much but don’t know ish


Seth always getting left out. Smh


do you have a youtube channel? message us now !


@thatnewbornking both teams are amazing both iggy and cp3 are incredible players the series is over let’s not further discuss this matter because there is no ending to this arguement


@__basketballhighlights he's a finals MVP.... and one of the best defenders on the team he's very important. They have a lineup with him in it that killed several good offensive teams. You obviously don't watch basketball if you think he not important


That's my family

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