LeBron James

Man what!?!?! First time he ever tried that in a game today! And it was someone kinda trailing him behind too! Surprised not only me but everyone in the gym. Man o Man! #JamesGang👑. #repost @slamonline




Hey King, just wondering where you got that pad on your lower back from. Looks like its strapped on as well. Like to find something like that.


@kevinhart4real ur not funny fag boy


Baby bird trying to fly




Nice brow


Nice try gg


ang angas


@puppet_acting_channel the ball has to go in for it to be a dunk😅


That’s amazing


Did he make it?? Did it go in??


He didn’t scored


That was amazing that he just dunk on a 10 feet hoop how tall is he !!!


Rim height??


I can't dunk


😂 WOW 👆🏽


This kid has a similar take off to mj


@kevinhart4real 😭😭😭😭😭


Coach ain't HAVING IT THO🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂😂😂....


What drake song is it?


@hampusswardh Det är drake men vet inte vilken låt det är faktiskt 😘


Hör du vilken låt ddt är i bakgrunden?😘 @kennyntungane


Sweet, God bless baby boy always!


that's great better luck next time lil lebron @mrr_floyd


But he cradled the pill before he went up though @kingjames. Did you notice that? With a trailer streaking behind him. I know grown men afraid to take off with a trailer lurking lol.


The DNA of greatness..


he go be nice


I hope he is a good baller when he grows up

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