LeBron James

Man what!?!?! First time he ever tried that in a game today! And it was someone kinda trailing him behind too! Surprised not only me but everyone in the gym. Man o Man! #JamesGang👑. #repost @slamonline




That was amazing that he just dunk on a 10 feet hoop how tall is he !!!


Rim height??


I can't dunk


😂 WOW 👆🏽


This kid has a similar take off to mj


@kevinhart4real 😭😭😭😭😭


Coach ain't HAVING IT THO🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂😂😂....


What drake song is it?


@hampusswardh Det är drake men vet inte vilken låt det är faktiskt 😘


Hör du vilken låt ddt är i bakgrunden?😘 @kennyntungane


Sweet, God bless baby boy always!


that's great better luck next time lil lebron @mrr_floyd


But he cradled the pill before he went up though @kingjames. Did you notice that? With a trailer streaking behind him. I know grown men afraid to take off with a trailer lurking lol.


The DNA of greatness..


he go be nice


I hope he is a good baller when he grows up




My name is Mr Greg scoott


He can ball he got game


Nice try super close good luck on the lakers


Lk father lk son


@big_boweaver yea bro I give him two more years he go b lit


@gabriel_alexander_tavarez sound like a hating ass fake ass page


@_hallgang_ boy tried to flush dat bihhh bro lil bron gone be raw!! ⛹🏾😲🤔


holy shiiiitt....that kid is awesome..like father!!!


@lron_man_jimmy his son first time try to dunk


@tyler_cadle16 the first gather step dont count dog


He is so overrated


@tyler_cadle16 definitely 2 but go off


Still he did not dunk

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