Zac Efron

Going off the grid w/ @dylanefron for a few days to πŸŽ₯. ✌️LA




@blindar that goat knows


@janineaam cradle me daddy


Is it in Nepal ??


I have fainting goats on my family’s farm! If you’re a true goat-lover you will come visit!!!!!!


β™‘ cute β™‘


I FRICKEN love goats


Go vegan β™₯️


Cute ❀️

Nah 😍😭




Baaasta 😫😍❀️


gente agora vejo q a beleza Γ© de familia!!! Por isso o Zac Efron Γ© tao lindoo assim! Tbm tem um irmΓ£o lindo desse!!!




Aw 😍


Stop rubbing it in πŸ˜‹


🀩you’re cute alright goshπŸ™„πŸ˜€

I dunno which is cuter, the goats, or zac?! Love you @zacefron


Baby goats are so adorable, it's amazing!


@madrash414 loooove ❀️


Dieses Bild ist besser als jeder Australischer Feuerwehrmann 😍 @misseskaty


@jackielerz Just because. Happy Hump Day 🐐 beards, bracelets, goats


@madrash414 for sure. 😍


@dejanssen he had me at the bracelets. Locked down with the 🐐


@madrash414 I mean. Stop.


Documentary? Awwwwweeee would love to catch this, so sweet.


Aaaww 😍😍😍



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