LeBron James

Let’s get it @nba2k!!! My young kings think they’re coming for the throne now 🤦🏾‍♂️ Z the real champ in the house though 🎮🤣#DadStillGotGame #TheKidFromAkron🤴🏾 #RWTW🥇 #StriveForGreatness🚀 #JamesGang👑 #IPROMISE💪 #NBA2K19🏀 #ad




The 2K curse continues




This should of been 2k19 soundtrack https://soundcloud.com/user-759928006


Best game ever 2k19 @kingjames




@baylove85 why are you here idiot? You are such ass


Goat James gang


@macman1226 btw. I don’t think Lebron should be paid the same as the worst player in the NBA. He deserves every dollar because he has developed the skills to perform the way he has. He puts in more time, work and effort than the average player. Him makig all this money also brings in more revenue, not just for the owners and NBA, but for the entire economy


@macman1226 emplyees never make more than the owners. The owners are the ones that risk their finances. We’re never going to have equal results...just equal opportunity. This equality that these mega rich athletes preach about is non-existent


Giannis Shit Better But I Fw Wit This One Tho It’s 100 Dollars To 😂🤦🏾‍♂️


Okay. How about the PLAYERS get more than the owners Luis? The PLAYERS are the ones that are bringing in the revenue. When was the last time you heard ANY FANS say they are going to the game to see 'The OWNERS '? I rest my case






Can I get a copy of this


Equallity? I have an idea. How about they pay you equally the same as the average NBA player. It doesn’t matter of you’re better. They pay you all the same.


When I to the nba its gone to be #thekidfromdetroit just watch


@kingjames got my lebron edition 💪🏾 takeover 👑


I got that jawn when one of my homies was bugging me to get bo4 and I was like y not get my big bro king James 2k19💪🏽🔥 I can star playing it in two more days


Got it yesterday dad


2k cover curse rip


That’s tuff


@brndunc89 can you buy for me bro?! 😂😂 jk


The king james


You deserves “meu querido”!! “Segue baile” cuz this is your year!! 👊🏼
Ps: this is portuguese (Brazil)


So excited for it 😍


@ofherquakes I know but mj is goat 🐐


Actually amazing


@itzshaun.roby23 mj also played once in the finals with a 104 fever


wait for it!


Yo!... my son got a 2k from PG! When he played for the pacers! He plays basketball 🏀 He says he’s going to the nba to take care of his Mama.. Me!💁🏽‍♀️❤️❤️❤️ He wants 2k signed from you! Can he get that? Please!!. He’s 17. Jr in Highschool. 😁

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