LeBron James

My Queen and My Princess aka The Twinsies

My Queen and My Princess aka The Twinsies




Model husband & father πŸ™πŸΏ


They look just alike


They look just alike


Hottest wife out there! Natural sista!


Bra gota pool in his hize @rootedupjay2


@ethan_pakravan go have an asthma attack from all the smog in your shit hole country


@davidp729 he has a nice pretty wife


@jasquirks0 go die from fall damage and/or leukemia


@ethan_pakravan Savannah is beautiful and gave him beautiful children.


Cute Yo Queens


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LeBron got that incredible 2 house


You don’t have to like the guy and you don’t have to root for him, but he’s a good father and a great husband... nothing but respect for this man.


Wow. You are highly blessed bro I love you family


My cousins called ur wife ugly @allysamva @supersaiyanne not me @mhing_fabia


You kept it to real @kingjames ❗️ 🐐


Heyyy fam


@miltonneves never! MJ23 forever!

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