Twinkle, twinkle, many stars! ⭐️ Spotted by our @NASAHubble telescope roughly in the direction of the center of the Milky Way, is this gravitationally bound collection of stars, also known as a globular cluster. Globular clusters contain hundreds of thousands of stars that are thought to have formed at roughly the same time.

Studies have shown that the globular cluster seen here is home to an aging population of stars. Most globular clusters orbiting the Milky Way are estimated to be over 10 billion years old; as a result, they contain some of the oldest stars in our galaxy, formed very early in the galaxy’s history. However, their role in galactic evolution is still a matter of study.

Credit: NASA/ESA/Hubble

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Awesome view! I discovered many stars & a planet my first look into space through a highpowered space telescope when I visited the space obersavotory in Los Angeles, California once 🌌 @nasa @nasahubble


Solo se , que no estamos solos entre tantas galaxias


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@th3h0n3s77ru7h try capturing the night sky using your camera. Even a professional camera you need a long light exposure to capture the stars. That's what they do to capture this image.




Then how come none of these ‘stars’ are in the background of your earth photos?




"So shall your descendants be."


Absolutely beautiful 😍


حیرت انگیزه


@didyfly la tête dans les étoiles




Страшно представить насколько человек ничтожен в этой ВСЕЛЕННОЙ🇵🇼


@andershr26 esto es muy genial😍




@alejandrohc7 Así que esto no son galaxias me temo


@alejandrohc7 lo pone en la descripción, es un cluster globular de la vía láctea que al parecer es una zona llena de estrellas que se crearon casi al mismo tiempo y que se mantienen unidas gravitacionalmente


Ci bonito






@setare.jalali twinkle ✨✨✨


Execuse me dear nasa! when have this picture taken?




Twinkle, twinkle many stars why don’t you show up at 🌏




What abt 1C1101? @nasa


Incredible view!

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