“My world is different like Dwayne Wayne” #YoureWelcome

187,375 Barcelona, Spain



Lovely picture feeling the outfit though @gabunion 😍😍


Hey @dwyanewade saw the Bordeaux you tasted yesterday. Great wines, amazing vintages! Come take a wine course at the Florida Wine Academy! We would love to have you and @gabunion 🍷🍷@floridawineacademy


I was on ah plane with DWAYNE 👅


And if they want trouble,bi**h I want the same thang! #weezyFbaby


@gabunion where are your cute denim overhauls from?


Nice picture


Might b the dopest couple, after will n jada of course! No shade🙌🏾😎❤️


The sky is the limit


@lucas_tavaress pega esse casaco




If you need a barber in Hollywood/LA area I would be more than happy to assist.


I love you Dwade, you are the best!!!!!


Got a Louis Vuitton mystery box for sale on eBay. Check out my page for more details or search Louis Vuitton mystery on eBay and you should see my black box on there.


And if you want trouble bitch I want the same thang @liltunechi tha GAWD


Sky’s the limit @liltunechi


@trevbota stfu talking shit ab my cuz u a weirdo yo self


@iilovvemii this could be us 😕


What up wade. Im Woo from chicago aunt kim. I knew your grand dad Ralph.


Gorgeous! Love it!


Love you all


Who Do It Better 🔥#2D3EP 🔥


Fly shit


And if you want trouble then I want the same thang!!!!


@lucas_santos15_ still still lukie😌😌😌💫


Why u marry that gold digger groupie @gabunion ...


I just got done watching Being Mary Jane....glad you finally got your real KING! Y'all are adorbs


Wadeeeee 3️⃣


@miss.dmg they killin it


My favorite player quoting my favorite show! Dopest pic known to man!!! A different world. A different Man! #WiseWords

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