When in Barcelona!!! Thanks to the good people at FCB for opening up your doors and allowing me to knock some paint off your rims. #Myforeversanctuary #wadesworldtour2018

113,617 Sanctuary



Dont retire yo!! You good my guy, dont retire..thanks🙏🏾


where is wade?


q paso con wade?


I got music to your ears D-Wade! ✊ Watching you ball is honestly one of the coolest things man ✊ #TOP5 #3


Why is it that every nba player makes their shots in practice like this but not in the game


Why he can't do dis n the game


Why don’t you shoot a lot of threes in games tho


@j051ah_ra1 straight facts


Why you can't shoot like that in real life


@lethalshooter You should be in the league bro 💯


Shooting like that the heat gone get a ring this year💯💯💯💯💯


Wet Bangers🔥🔥🔥


My favorite player still got it💯💯💯 #wadecounty @dwyanewade ball up next season💯💯💯 #flash


We were at Nou the same day. I would have balled you up had I known you were there...in football


@manberth when did I say AI is better? I said Wade ism... reading is fundamental guy...


@steven.craig_ how is AI better? More points than wade cause he shot a lot more. Wade has way more rings


@jayejohnson25 none have rings GTFO bum


Dwade plays better overseas y’all know this. Lol remember the 2010 olympics when he had the baldy?? He was MURDERING‼️😭


My dad 🔥


Still the best player in the league


@gangsta_jr_mouss il était en vacances là bas 🙄


Mr Wade we know it’s a hard decision to go by, but please don’t make us cry. Give us one more year so we don’t see you disappear, we love your game so please don’t put us to shame. We would hate to see you retire but as we watch your jersey go up in the raptors, we will stand and admire. It’s more than a game, so put the haters to shame. Your one of the greats and your legacy awaits. THANK YOU @dwyanewade #1moreyear


Best bank shot since Tim 🔥 🔥


@dwyanewade dwayne keep bringing the heat 🔥🔥


Watch that toe


@zje_13 follow you damn shot or sit down

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