405 hp, 0-60 in 4.2s – this is the #M2 Competition. Arriving in showrooms this week. #MMondays




شوفى نفسك مستنيك على الخاص @donia_ellhelw














Wow wats a looking


@toto_ktm_ oh yesss avec plaisir


@louhr_ je te la paye 😊


Kind of looks ugly but I’d take it for the engine and seats


Which showrooms?




@bmwusa didn’t that go backwards? Wasn’t the 365hp M2 0-60 in 4.1s?


❤❤😍'ahlaa siaruh fi hayati nafsi zyha


Rather have an RS3




When will they be available for order though?


@bmwusa patiently waiting for it to be delivered 🙌🏻


I wanna see a new m1 how would that look

My 2nd favorite m after the m5 @bmw


Could we get a 600 hp m2


So nice 🔥😍👍🏼


Let’s race 👻


That's crazy!



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