@haylaz_turk_tr fils de pute on est champion


@notpr4k27 mbappe 19yo - neymar 46 yo


@rosariorodriguezs ya esta empezando jajajaja


😍😍😍😍 mbappe my new hubby 😂😂😂😃


y'all cry babys take the L and go cry somewhere else


Macam palat la bole blah la stupid player


Nice pic


neymarr brother




@ali.afif_7 what pressure?


@lxx_hoht damn you respond late


@aron.dh he is actually good person ,he will give all his World Cup money to association


Y’all hatin but he’s in a World Cup at 19 while other 19 year olds are flipping burgers at McDonald’s


Go home english people


he is one of the best and top player but I like naymar


Gorgeous! Love it!

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