Vanessa Hudgens

When the water is so clear...




Well isn’t dis sumfin else , wee fishy admiring nails



@peterjlidstone I am a #skillfully #crafted #work of #art 🎨😎 Wow!, so very clear...I do have a question...which one is you??...Peter


@vanessahudgens polish fish ! KARP ! πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ


Cute vanessahudgens


@xevmx hahah gillen


@isabelleaandekerk @anneee._ @imke_x_x ik ren gillend het water uit


Aww that so so so cute πŸ’–


@itsveroestavillo so scary!! That's my least favorite part of the ocean


@coraalieandre ca risque de t’arriver la semaine pro mdrr


@laurie.mqz jfais un arrΓͺt cardiaque


Great feet!!


Where is that?


@erikaa.fl guarantee u I would’ve ran


No invites? @vanessahudgens what about you @kendalljenner? Last option @pamelaanderson.


lil bit of red shells in the water i see


Have to be turks and Caicos @vanessahudgens


So amazing !!!!! γƒΎ(*'β–½'*)


Where is there??🀭🎈

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