Vanessa Hudgens

Empowered women empower women. #SecondAct #WednesdayWisdom @jlo

Empowered women empower women. #SecondAct #WednesdayWisdom @jlo




What about love?

@peterjlidstone I am a #skillfully #crafted #work of #art 🎨😎 see this everywhere...I love it. I read her bio and have followed her since I was a kid! (Her beauty, inside and out) I keep thinking much she would approve of the actions of all of you extraordinary women!...Kudos...Peter


Marrakeah. Theme. Doll


Everybody knows this is not true


Mmmm power to the real women who actually care about their self esteems.


female is the future💪💪


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Gamers Rise Up!

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