Did you know that craters left by asteroids that previously impacted Earth can be seen from space? NASA astronaut Ricky Arnold (@Astro_Ricky) snapped these images from his vantage point 250 miles above our planet on the International Space Station (@iss). He posted them to his social media accounts saying, “Visitors from deep space have visited Earth before and will again. Impact craters in #Quebec #Namibia #Arizona.” Six humans are currently orbiting Earth at 17,500 mph as they live and work on the orbiting laboratory. During their time in space, they conduct important science and research that not only benefits life here at home, but will also help send humans deeper into the solar system than ever before.
Credit: @Astro_Ricky
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The first photo is in Canada above Montreal


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Hey I know where that is! thats Louis-Babel Ecological Reserve just outside Labrador . I've been there before @nasa


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