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Photo by @ivankphoto | In the lively commercial district along East Cesar E. Chavez Avenue in Los Angeles’s Boyle Heights neighborhood, Jesse Von Borstel (right) cuts hair. He began working at the barbershop some 40 years ago. Now he owns it, and his wife and daughter also work there. This photo was shot #onassignment for @natgeo with @kchete77. Their photos were published in the July 2018 issue in the feature: “How Latinos Are Shaping America’s Future.” Please visit and to see more photos and check the link in Ivan's profile (@ivankphoto) for the story in National Geographic. Thanks!




Bold in the USA!


Amazing 😀😀




Awesome post!!


Great job




@robbknapp a tech in SEA just showed me that today, how cray-cray!


Talented photographer!


Your ability to incorporate reflections into an environment is uncanny 😳


@swagwellpain you finally getting a haircut?


Poor LA shame what has happened to the city dam shame


Beautiful ❤️


National Geographic should stick to articles about Sharks. Dont lecture Americans plz


Love this!


I see @raiders love at the barbershop!


How dare they use an American Flag as a drape. The president needs to outlaw haircuts in America.


@martcamrenhas Quero saber qual é.




@natgeo how do the two pictures merge so perfectly?


@pramarites, me lembrou uma foto sua


A real Barbour shop




Looks like Rudy manesco in the corner

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