Kevin Hart

Let’s gooooooo West coast....your up damn it. Make sure y’all tune into @tkocbs at 9pm to catch our season premiere episode!!!!! #TKO #comedicrockstarshit




Tko the unbalanced beam are the unbalanced balls shout out to my boy kris


I like American ninja more.


You saying too many oh god. It gets old just saying


Hi Kevin Hart this Awesome show


Funniest show ever!


Put the rock on TKO


I love your new show my hole family was laughing like crazy.



You Mr @kevinhart4real is Thee funniest person alive!!! I can not believe how funny you are in TKO!!!


She did that for the short people @kevinhart4real can't wait til the next show.


It's a good game but you need to change how it's played because I don't think that was very fair at all


Geronimo's should have won!!!!


@kevinhart4real hi i wish iphon 8. Can you buy it for me?


I'm watching this for the first time & it's hilarious!! 😂😂


Love the show! So funny! Your commentation of the show is so funny! More more more!


@chrisgarner24_ i honestly won’t watch it again, has nothing to do with him being a good host. I can watch his stand up if i wanna laugh, lol. I love Kevin, just wish the shows premise wasn’t so stupid. Ugh, i wanted to like it


@iammikeyp it’s still funny and kev is a great host it’s something fresh and new you won’t be missed lol


This show is hysterical. I can’t stop laughing🤣😂🤣😂😅


When is the next episode of TKO


He is so awesome 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Aye bro could u please check DM 💯


The guy isn't an asshole like his father


{\__/} ( • - •)
/ >🍰 You want my cake?
( • - •)
🍰 < \ No my cake
( • . •)
/ >🍰 Just kidding you can have my cake
( - _ -)
/ > 🍰 But just a bite!
( • - •)
🍰 < \ Actually nevermind!


Awsome Man!


Love that jacket!


Love your smile Kevin❤️


Loved it couldn't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂 good job Berry LMBO

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