Swipe through to recap Day 1 of the @nbasummerleague playoffs! #NBASummer

Swipe through to recap Day 1 of the @nbasummerleague playoffs! #NBASummer




@jeremy.bristo Keep that same energy when he isn’t “average”. People like you bandwagon when players like them are stars in the future anyway.


@jaay.toolit I thought you were the original OP, but yes the fact that you keep saying “he’s doing good in summer league so that matters” he ain’t going up against good defenders like in the NBA, trust me, he will be average in the NBA


@jeremy.bristo I’m continuing to sound dumb? Man you have to have a broken intellect & literally have to be illiterate. Where in my comment did I mention Luka? Also if Collin is gonna get “destroyed” why is it he’s averaging more than everyone who’s said to be a “higher prospect” than he is? Man your logic is so repulsive I literally want to vomit. Escort yourself out of the comment section.


@jaay.toolit Luka doncic didn’t even play summer league, and again...its summer league, he gonna get bodied by everyone in the league! You continue to sound dumb out here


@jeremy.bristo When you average more than everybody drafted ahead of you idk how that’s “not knowing basketball”. Just accept Collin has been going off. Most of y’all discredit these guys so early when someone says “they will be a future all star”. 🤦🏾‍♂️


@tpaskert_ They already confirmed they are rebuilding around Collin. Cedi is just an extra piece but he’ll be fundamental.


Wow the warriors lost😂


Perfect 😍


That man Bruce plays like Jason Kidd but looks like Stephen Smith


Bruce brown look like he belong in the big3


I’m gonna start doin something similar to these layouts @sportsministrytodacore


brown got that lebron hairline 😳😂


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That brown hairline though.😂






@myles_potter my mans gone got OFF


Trae Heatin uppp


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@brad.hassenb @jon_moya that dude is a god frfr


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Great result for the Detroit pistons


Bruces hairline look like LeBron lmao 😂😂😂😂


ZHOU QI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My boy Zhou Qi


Cavs won be a top seed in the east


idk why i feel good to see Golden State lose in NBA Summer League.

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