Kylie Cosmetics

The Summer Palette ☀️ FRIDAY 07.13 3pm pst




Reminds me of the gel pen craze of the late 90's very pretty the lighter shade are good to amplify natural beauty...while the more outstanding are for special occasions


Its very amazing for summer😍


@la.nancyy omg is this it? They are beautiful ❤️


@marissatwy u want one? 🤪


@xneeciex yes I think they’ll be good for summer and fall which is perfect.


@kellyorrico nossa pensei que era o pinto se mexendo quando abrir a imagem
To sonolenta jkk


@allytropolis I need this!🔥


@nemahallak_ it looks so nice


@mimimellymel its crazy what a well known name with good PR can do! Some of her stuff I like but some is low quality and her customer service is the most unhelpful I've ever dealt with.


@janineeea it’s pretty!


@ashnikkixx Nice warm shades.


@flawlesszain true and this is supposed to be banana themed but...where that yellow that?


Omg 🤯❤️🤯❤️🤯❤️


@amypaulina yes er nah?🤔


There should be a wide variety of maroon shades into a platte


@lacey_tom I agree! They do take too long to send out. It's crazy!


I just ordered this @xneeciex I can’t wait til it comes in. It’s so different from everything else I have. I can’t wait to play with it 😍


i just ordered it!


@bellaasker I just bought this


Even Laura Lee said out of 14 shadows, 10 are brown or if a brown hue. I’m so disappointed. It’s beAutiful but where’s the BANANA 🍌 YELLOW? There should be a bright color glitter to pop it! For $44??? I expect so much more @kyliecosmetics


@missfelicia28 That’s why her company is worth $900,000 million dollars! The so-so product with an 80% markup!


@classymissandi peach is my favvvvv


Summer palette???? This looks so fall wtf


when he says he’s gonna change


I’m so excited for this palette oml


So tired of warm palettes. I mean if I wanted these shades I’d buy every other warm eyeshadow palette out there #yawn

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