👀 the best of @traeyoung’s 8 dimes for the @atlhawks at the @nbasummerleague tonight!






He’s ready 💯💪🏾


J'aime jouer à nba


@ericbryanttv all these GMs are idiots


@dombostephens you should draft him first round!!!


Perfect pass


A bruh ballin rs 😂


@legenderrik best passer hahahaha


Best of it


how’d they get this video of us @jess_mckernan


Mal arremesso de 3 pts


I like this kid, he’s got vision. @drewcoveney191


A talented team playing young man ... way to GO


Ben Simmons is STILL winning ROY




Wow this guy is actually playing at an elite level...


@euphorialism * shoots 28% from 3* steph curry is in this man


@josh_vihnanek he's not looking to bad


Lebron pass


@dirty_flackoh c avec moi tu t’amuses 😂 Lonzo est gbe


@euphorialism That’s David Stockton and Seth Curry you see there


He came to play with the wide lens....goddamn


How about aaron holidays 9 assist in that game?


@thetaylorevans and if you believe as he gets older and gains more muscle and possibly even height, that he won’t start being more aggressive and take it to the rim more, then you’re just looking in the negative for him. He’s already showing well signs of passing and his dribble is nice. He’s going nothing but up.

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