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Photo by @stephenwilkes. The NATO Summit Brussels 2018 begins on July 11. I am extremely honored to have this photograph exhibited in NATO Headquarters. To see more photos from my travels near and far, visit me @stephenwilkes.
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@kovisbh ah, deve ser lindo na primavera! ;)


Wow what an unbelievable honour


love you unconditionally!✨This is such a beautiful picture🌙👏👏🆒


Amazing 😀😀




So cute😻😻😻


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Nice photo


Me encanta


Yes! You should be proud! Gorgeous! 💘


@marinasaraiva Na próxima ida a DC, podemos ver o sol nascer desse ponto. 😊 Só espero que não seja no inverno de novo! Hahaha


ممكن متابعة عازف عود❤❤


very goooooooood


Fantastic shot👍🏼👍🏼




@irishtexanphoto what you guys think, how many post productions hrs were spend stitching this together ?




Soo wow pic



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