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I write you because our company is looking for young, beautiful and ambitious people who love our product and who would be interested to join the promotion. We like your photos and personality and we would like to speak more with you about this if you are interested...? plese write us privately if you are interested! 😊




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Hey lera.savencko 👋,
We may be taking on some new brand ambassadors! Would you be interested? DM me or @the.great.north.apparel and let us know! 🤩🎉


So beautiful ❤


Very Nice! 👌


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As I had a look at your account, I liked your recent photos more 😊 very good 👏


Nice photo, there is no need for more words, I just wanted to say 😍👌




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Very nice photo, I LOVE it. We are searching for somebody like you to join us. If you are interested please pm ;)



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