🗣️ @the_4th_holiday of the @pacers mic’d up at the @nbasummerleague! 🗣️




The 4th Holiday? I thought there are only 3 Holidays 😂


@kambuckz and Turner 🔥


@bigje_1866 you forgot Justin




@mjk_g being a brother of jrue I doubt hes quiet on the court


How do they even get these audioes? Do they putba mic on players jerseys?




@asaturb lavar the one


@gugo_23 if u don't get off my post with this bs bro!!


@asaturb lavar the goat


Cediyi görenler


I would like to see a game of nba live would be a great experiencie good players of all the team good game


@drippie_ds he jumped on the second step to pass he didnt took 3steps. 😑


@hesron_m coach Alex yano 👀😂


What's good would you love to get a dope art work of yourself animated at cheaper rates????


دست بردارین ازاین همه لاشی بازی هابسکت بال میزارین ک چی بشه


I love the nba mics now y’all are showing better on floor communication


Good D ,, what is that


@underagedbeans so why u complaining bout lebron travel


@sebreek nah I'm on Tatum now. You know from the time he terrorised you twice in a row ?


@mjk_g too play a sport you have to be loud let your team know what’s going on no quiet guy is making it to the nba

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