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The cover of #SteelersDigest from June 2003, announcing our first-round draft pick @tpolamalu. #TBT




crazy eyes


@hot_ron00 Bettis was a beast


@cory_cosby98 def top 5 but I like Jerome Bettis over him


@yuvan04 we forced him to retire by not resigning him 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴


The GOAT 🐐




Troy polamalu is my cousin..........cousin


@bp__eli ok? Your point? I just said Ik all this stuff and I still chose Ward over AB because of how aggressive he was. Sorry if you aren’t a fan of my opinion but that’s just my opinion. And let’s not sit here and act like AB hasn’t had help either btw but again that’s just my opinion


@cory_cosby98 AB literally put this team on his back at times where ben struggled and he had to make the tough catches, he has better hands than ward, he’s faster, and quicker, and one of the sharpest route runner of all time


@bp__eli personally I’m saying tho I choose Ward over AB Personally. Of course AB has more stats and talent but I’d choose ward cause of the defensive he had. I’m more of a defensive guy so of course I’m gonna choose Hines over AB.


@t_cadigan he played with a better defense and the offense was mediocre , AB has been the best receiver in one of the best receiving cores, ward was not on AB level in the clutch, not to mention he is just 30 and hasnt slowed a bit while on track to break (even more) receiving records


@bp__eli 2x champ and a super bowl MVP you wanna talk about clutch ?


@t_cadigan AB over ward, never fails to show up in the clutch


Good old days, go Steelers!!!




Troy P. Is my all time favorite all around player.


This was the best.


He was a great player


My gosh that was an understatement!! GOAT!


He didn't disappoint...he was AWESOME!!! πŸ’›


He’s my favorite player


@grantwrisberghrc football change forever on this day


Which NFL team is hiring me to play LB? I'm pretty sure with my hotness level I would bring in 200 million fans to the NFL worldwide.




My favorite player of all time πŸ˜”


One of the best Safeties to have ever played the game of football.


Should be a hall of famer


Spoiler : He was a GREAT fit


I'm a Troy Polamalu Fan

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