Vanessa Hudgens

Instagram vs reality lol

Instagram vs reality lol




I love you Vanessa


See Here It's Pretty As Coca-Cola That's Ok


Love you girl


@aseelshilleh u remind me so much of her


Such a great shot 😊⭐️


Hey Vanessa! Love how keep it real with your followers and that you empower and support women!


Awh you look so much cuter in the second picture! Like you can really see your personality and YOU. You look beautiful in the first picture but I LOVE The second picture


very nice


"I'm in"Heaven"💐😘


So where's the reality?


@ilseabril haha nos parecemos en que las dos tenemos ojos.


Wat the different..both🔥🔥🔥😍


The second picture is everything--LOVE it!


📸Great Shots . ! Red Dress Pops , and the Surroundings Accept You ! * 😘😍 🌅🌊🏖️☄️

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