Kelsey Floyd

I’ve been working on cutting out caffeine so that’s probably why I look like a happy sloth lately. #needaslothemoji
Shop this outfit in the link in my bio or the app! #liketkit #LTKunder100

17,057 Saint Petersburg, Florida







Beautiful ✨💛


@kelsrfloyd vitamin B-12! And your body will adjust 😁


We totally need a cloth emoji. Where’s the petition!


@okevaaa whattt?! Super impressive


@ontheroadwithjen But coffeee buzzes are so 🤤


This is adorable! Love your style!! 💗


Love it 😍


Love this so much, sooo pretty!




Love your style! 💛🔥 Check out this babe @ariannyceleste @girlfriendbox @aleboggiano @maileandnic💃




You are amazing


So gorgeous


Great shot ❤️ so amazing


Beautiful! 😍


aww so beautiful 😍😍


Oh how did you do it? I love coffee so so much😢 I am probably addicted 😂


You are so beautiful and lovely


But for real—where the heck is the sloth emoji?!


What filter do you use?


Where is this dress from!!!?? 😍


How do you get such a perfect messy bun?? 😍❤️


So pretty! 💖💖💖💖


So prettyy 😍








Love your outfit! 😍


If you look like a sloth, then I wanna look like a sloth.

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