Not long until we are stopping here for a whole month!!


I’ve always wanted to go to Croatia


This water though!! Best color ever


Can’t wait to visit Croatia! 🙂


Maaaannn this is stunning!!


Haha I think they should’ve got extra points for it!


Great game for Croatia! And this is a lovely shot!


Wow! Such a beautiful place! I haven’t been there so far unfortunately 🙈


Omg I wish too!! So lovely!


I love Hvar! So beautiful and it has the best water to swim in!


This is so beautiful! I’m dying to get to Croatia!


That water is gorgeous!


@travelpockets i want to go back!


@acecoolture you’re absolutely right!


Yes! I was actually rooting for the Croatia!


@christian.lowery you have to go one day!


@lindseycarlene i miss it so much!


Croatia is the most beautiful place 😍💙


Hahaha I think so!! Shame they lost


Wow it’s pretty incredible 😍


Croatia looks so stunning!


Hahaha i wish they would! But just think that winners, don’t necessary need trophies to be winners😉 amazing shot Lavi🙌🏽🇭🇷


I want to visit Croatia!


SAMES!!! 😍🙌🏼


Oh this is just divine!


I'd love to spend a summer there 😎


Oh how gorgeous is this place 😍


Is this the most perfect water ever????


That water looks so pretty 🤩


We’d go here in a heartbeat too!


I wouldn't mind being there about now ❤


Omg this looks beautiful! Cants wait to get there


Soo wonderful😻😻


This is gorgeous!!


Great Feed!


That water is absolutely breathtaking

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