Amber Kersley

Just a few snaps from the @florencefreedomofficial game Saturday. It was so wonderful being able to be a part of this and making so many people smile.
Holden is now convinced I am actually #Wonderwoman and that I know the entire #justiceleague !

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That is awesome!!


@johnzanardelli plus having her daddy know Wonder Woman will be a big plus


@kersleygirl Please do, she will be so excited!!


@johnzanardelli well next time I do an event I will let you know. 😊


Had I not had my wife’s surprise party that day and known you were there, I would have been there with my daughter. She would have loved to meet you!


@kersleygirl after work drinks soon. We can do that now


@harleenquartz also miss you too!


You were so damn tan!! I miss you terribly


2 of the 3 Trinity . LOVE!!!!!! This


@jmays87 thank you!! 🤩


Simply wonderful

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