Don’t just awaken the senses, bring them to life. The All-New #8Series Coupe.




@socal335i well I’m sorry to hear that! All we can do is let other consumers know how @bmw handles our situations. At this point @bmwusa isn’t 100% standing behind what’s happened to my M5. I will keep you and other consumers up to date as to what @bmwusa ultimately does to totally resolve my situation.


@califdoc777 We all know @bmwusa doesn’t gives a fuck about us as long they got paid. It’s like out of sight out of mind to them!!!!!!!! Read my lips 👄 @bmwusa FUCK YIURSELF!!!! Loss my business along with the rest. @teslamotors my next Car 😎🙌🏻🙌🏻


The only way I’d every drive another @bmwusa is if @bmwusa would literally give me one! My M5 engine totally DIED at 74k miles after taking it for the same problem when it was under factory warranty and being ignored! What ever happened to @bmwusa quality???


@conlouwar might have to wait for that one hahaha


@ezra_sitt omg this onnnneee 😍😍




It needs eye lashes...


Wow 😍😍😍


Just when I thought I already found love, I found another one 😍 @ayyyyy_man


@mhd.hkk baaaaaaaaaaaaa


Looks Fire 🔥❤️


I want M8. When available?


@nono_muzik yup. Go on the list


@nychinobk should i wait for this one?


Nice pic🔥🔥




Rebadged and overpriced 6 series*


Your car is very nice






Jason the grandchild of my next baby


One day...


The 8 Is Come Back Again!


The best coupe I have ever seen


I want a m3 2010 is the best #bmw





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