Happy birthday to my Apooooooshhhhhh!! I love you @styledbyhrush ! May God bless you always and forever!! You are the true definition of a rider!! You have this fierce yet beautiful protective demeanor that’s so admirable! From the very first day I met you, you have been authentic, genuine, sweet, hysterical, loving, sincere and loyal! You want everyone around you to be beautiful and flawless and to be at their absolute best! Not many people genuinely want to see other people succeed and excel but you do! You are everyone’s biggest supporter and cheerleader! You make me proud my Armenian sister!!! I hope today and every day that you feel how loved you are in this world! Have the best birthday Hrush

Why don’t we have more pictures together? You are always taking my photo but we need more together 🇦🇲 😩💕💜🇦🇲




Você é a. Poliana








Wanting everyone around you to be flawless isn't TOO shallow or condescending, or anything. LOL!


Не понимаю, ЗАЧЕМ свои сиськи ПОКАЗЫВАТЬ???!!!




عيد سعيد


Offical mommy aq


What armenja


Estas buena


Two of the badest women alive


Who is she


Beautiful eyes




Awwwwww she has the same birthday as me ♋🦀♋🦀


@cloudznmycoffee I was about to ask the same question.


Armenian girls❤❤❤ you ar so cute @khloekardashian










Killer eyesss


Please check my Dm gorgeous eous ❤️


Who is the girl on the right???

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