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I sit in my car A LOT (thanks LA traffic🚦) and I'm always leaning over my phone📱 so of course my body pays the price and my wrists and forearms get suuuper tight. I've tried a couple of things but I've found that what really helps me find a balance in my body and release that tension is working on my flexibility #thankyouyoga I know this is something that happens to everyone so I've created 5 unique flows that will help you open up those tight areas of your body; whether its your hips or your back, we'll balance that out! The best part is that you can pick whichever one works for your body and your schedule ⏰
Flow with me in my new series Fluid Flexibility Flows for FREE! Click on the link in my @yogawithbriohny bio to practice with me
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I miss you mama Bri 😍😍😍


Loved your harmonious hips class! 🙏🏾 @bryceyoga


Thank u! Tried one and didn’t realize how stiff my wrists can be!


Sure I will. Love yr videos. Im addict to it:)


love this! 💕

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