14 year old @jaracewalker jumped over his teammate at #JrNBAWorldChampionship Skills Night! (repost @jrnba)




Are you kidding me


@yannick___14 wenn der 14 ist bin ich 18😂


@maddiepuritz yeah he fading IMG tho


@r_alp2 like shadowed to be a freshman?!


@lucasarua maasss mano, olha esse lek! 3 metros com 14 anos


@jmartin.1 i just wanted to clap some cheeks at 14 smh


@loicshow aux states ils sont trafiqués 😂


@m.hab.tom @j_gsepp have you seen this man child


JAJAJA demonios, tiene 14 años @jsalasr25 @roxoide


@ryan_sheppard like that 17 year old Lazio player 🤔


@muskamisko v 14 som už ani skákať na smeče nemusel ... 😀


@viniciusitaua com 14 anos eu não pulava nem corda direito


Not better than bronny


@superhotfye shiit you at least 30


yEaH bRo iM foUrTeeN cHeCK mY ageE i PRoMise


Are u kidding me


Nah that boyy cannot be 14


@_coachty I need to see that 14 year old birth certificate


Good explaination. I thought mans was 22

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