The number doesn't lie. #BrockLesnar

The number doesn't lie. #BrockLesnar




Nothing to be proud off... this pussy was not in the ring


And how many matches?


What about when Goldberg pinned him at survivor series


He is worst universal champion compred to cm punk his wwe title streak was 434days 141 title defences but brock at 434 days only 10 title dences


Number of matches in those 629 days? What is it 5 or 6?


Hace 630 que no lucha


But hes wrestled what 2 or 3 matches in that span???


@tom_mugwuffin Haha no worries man! It's all good fun..whatever entertains us :)


The last pinfall by GOLDBERG


Brock loser is face roman reigns


Thought that was days since he last defended the title sorry


But fuck this farmboy we need a new champion ASAP


It felt like years


Yeah but you have to truly defend the title to really say this is an accomplishment


Because his never around to compete in the first place 👎👎👎👎


How many times did he wrestles since then?😂😂


And yet wwe still pushes this terrible wrestling cuntbag from minnesota


Brock is worst champion ever 😡😡😡Roman is best champion😘😘😘😘


roman win champion and break the beast history


This is why Summerslam isn't sold out. We the fans are tried of the same old bs @wwe


he wasnt pinned at mania after 2013..


Wwe is just an internet troll with money


It's because this dumba$$ never wants to defend his title and sit on his a$$ eating his stupid steak


@isaiahsocool03 learn proper grammar and come back and write that again faggot


@mr.president______thanks bro are u mad that Brock dick sucker lesner going to loose the title


There Is A Reason Behind The Universal Championship Is Irreverent ...And It Is The It's Holder Of The Title ..... And Because Of You People Brock Lesner Is Universal Champion ..... Because What You Did at Wrestlemania...He Is The Champion .....You Booed Roman On Regular Bases ...That's Why WWE Had To Change The Decision At Wrestlemania ....And Brock Leave As Champion....


When Roman Will Became The Universal Champion ...He Will Deffend His Universal Championship Very Proudly Each And Every Week..... Unlike Brock Lesnser Roman Is Fighting Champion ......And He Has No Contract Issues With Company....He Is Loyal To His Job,His Boss,his Co-workers And His Company...Unlike Brock .....


How Many Times He Showed Up During This Days ????Remember....


19 Matches in the last 629 days. The number doesn't lie. #BrockLesnar


@djacme48 por cosas como esas no veo la lucha


@ali_king.1 no he not better then Roman Rains Brock Lerner is a punk bitch and imma leave it at that FUCK him and his girlfriend PAUL Hayman


Really Brock Lesner ain't no damn Champion he a punk and need to give up the Title he don't work like everybody else who do he think he is and WWE PERSONEL NEED TO GET RID OF HIS ADS FOR GOOD AND HIS GIRLFRIEND PAUL HAYMAN


500 of those days he didn't even fight

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