Wrapping up a crazy long weekend in San Francisco at the Outside Lands festival with @chase Sapphire #ad⁣⁣⁣
Between seeing Janet Jackson play Rhythm Nation live to stuffing my face with lobster rolls ⁣⁣⁣
I managed to find some solace from the crowds at the Sapphire Lounge. Sapphire cardmembers were granted exclusive access to⁣⁣⁣
the Sapphire Lounge, which transformed into a culinary haven with local hot spots for food and beverage pairings every day of the festival at 6pm for Sapphire at Six 🍻😀 #chasesapphire #sapphireinsider #outsidelands

3,935 San Francisco, California





Fantastic set Sam 👌🏼


Fantastic series, each pic is better than the last




Perfect shot 📷


@samhorine 🤗🤗🤗


@samhorine do you have any other pictures that include the trees lit up at night? I worked on the team that lit all those trees!


@samhorine Aaah oui🤩🤗🌅 it was an absolutely blast. So grateful and thankful 🙏 I am still tearing with emotions... 35hrs transit...


@samhorine No way! That sucks! I've loved your food shots on Tumblr for years! 😍


@samhorine ,yes, it's about the sun, that your photos are full of sunshine, and very warm sorry, for my English)


@nolamaven voodoo sounds so cool I’ve almost gone a couple times


@jaharoni 😂😂😂


@lukeboxjones you got this 🦀🦀🦀


@joshuagregorio3417 shot the majority of these on a Leica Q


@mommypon big big tings - looks like you had an amazing time with GP in town recently!


@leorawrites thanks! I too love food (I’ve shot a New York Times award winning cookbook even) but it’s funny that if I post food here not a single person will like it


@mayonessa22 love my sapphire card, they’ve been my sponsor for the entire year which as an independent artist is what allows me to bring you all this amazing content for free 😀


@jnsilva haha that’s how I felt about your past 2 weeks! And yeah CSL was a lifesaver to escape the crowds and get up high for shots 😎


@shkarevadasha I don’t know what that says but I think it’s about the sun ☀️


@danorst dude it rolled in hard 🌪🌪🌪


@vvimoniz always with the best comments 😍😍😍


@tbronkema39 you’re right there with me 😎😊


@vickymiley06 hey nice you tagged yourself 💅🏼


@samhorine Gives blazed a whole new meaning


The life you live! Wow!


Nobody would do a better report than you, a fantastic light ✨delicious food🍤🥗magic soap bubbles and an endless crowd, as always .....💥for you Sam! @franciscammoreira my niece born in NY she loves festivals


Mega fog in that last shot


Столько ☀️☀️ и тепла!


Had the craziest fomo the whole weekend, but so happy you had a blast! The Sapphire lounge looked like the spot to be at too 🤤🙌🏼


Promoting sapphire?


Clean work mate 🔥


Picture #6 is so otherworldly and fantastical! I also love your food pics, please post more!


Wowie All in one🔥😍 🤩💖🎉💕🌇🌞😋🌯

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