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@jordancohen1 presents this world class French Romantic estate. Over 32,000 square foot masterpiece atop 34 acres with two pools, guest houses and private lake and organic farm. Truly one of America’s finest Estates listed by Top luxury agent @jordancohen1. Follow @jordancohen1 for the finest in real estate

31,319 California





Was up with Africa show them


Love the farm!




super photo 💪📷


@morina__singh ssertca nnab aj. nnam el taab 🙏💙


Splendide place 😍


@luisamalea von welchem Geld?


Beautiful ❤️






@asiaee__ali Sure, my friend is scarce




Thank you so much for sharing.


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Que belleza de video! Hermosos lugares!


So who’s the egomaniac that owns this?


Bella California,buen video

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