GIVEAWAY! National Dog Day is 10 days away and we’d love to get two lucky pups ready for this very important holiday with some new swag from Here’s how to enter:
1. Follow and tap the link in their bio
2. Comment here and tag one deserving friend, telling them which bandana is your favorite

That’s it! We’ll DM the lucky winner + lucky friend tomorrow!




GIMME!!! 😍😍😍



@mamalu55 The one with flamingos! Too cute and Ruby would look fabulous!


@murphy_murph_the_boxer check these out! I have two patterns already! And my favorite one is the Sadie bandana 💜


@turbojunkie, I think Handsome would look cute in one of the plaid ones! Alaska needs a flowery one though! 😍

@cataroola I love the Maverick bandana and the Molly would be beautiful on Roo. 💕


@lacey_mae13 I like the bananas and Arlo plaid!


@maloneaisling the banana one 🍌🍌


@apnwpup Sadie, we need matching flamingo ones 😛


@amos04_ I think Hank would look good in the Arlo one!


@ruzi25 too cute!


@truiz1025 for our guy, Baxter Crash & @nola519 for the little lady, Jazzy.


@themightyoscen I want to get Rou the Sadie bandana, it’s all galaxy and cute 😍


@katiecoomes all the floral ones are my fav!


@amandapatton_ all the floral ones are my fav!


@sm_malott all the floral ones are my fav.


@carley_barthel I want one of the rifle paper co ones so badly 😍😍


@rebeccaoverlock for some reason I am just seeing this now & I want you to know that you deserve all of the beautiful bandanas in the world bc you are a good mom


@sugarbuzzed oh my goodness yes!! Thank you, that would be amazing. Bananas are totally my color 😉💛


@jessl_117 hahah yes! He'd be so cute wearing this - mom would die!🤣😍


@hello_purdey hazel! So pretty 😍


@theknifeconnoisseur the dagger, the jax or the miles?? 🤔


@legends_of_hugo that’s important! What a selfless little guy, Hugo! 💕


We love the banana 🍌 bandana! @life.loves.taco


Hey @levifancypants! You’d look dashing in the bananas bandana 😍


@auggieboggiesadventures he will love making his mommy happy with it!😂💕


@forgeford how cute is that black floral bandana?!


@lil_lady_mcewen ooohhh these are cute.


@morganllang I love the banana one for Cooper 😍


@zephsbestpal Skye would tear this up


@dogsofinstagram I like the duke bandana 💙❤️

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