Thank You For 58k Gunners 🙌🏼

"I've been told so many times over the years that this is how Bergkamp played. Of course, that makes me proud and it is an honour to be compared with him. But I do not want to compare myself with anybody. I have my own style and I've had it since I was a kid. I am proud of these comparisons, but I am Mesut Ozil and I'm not finished yet."
Who do you prefer at Arsenal?👇
1️⃣: Mesut Özil
2️⃣: Dennis Bergkamp




Kaba Diawara hands down. Best player to ever put in the shirt.


Bergkamp was the best


Dennis was far better than Mesut


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Got a long way to go to catch up wuth bergkamp


Ozil is terrific. But he is no Dennis Bergkamp


Bergkamp no debate




Bergkamp easy


Bergkamp. Our best no 10 ever...


Lol. Ozil can't even lace the iceman's boots. No debate. DB10


Eish Mesut obviously


Bergkamp no room for debate

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