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Photo by @waynelawrence | Iman Saleh, whose parents are from Yemen, is a journalism student at Wayne State University in Detroit. This image was part of National Geographic’s May 2018 issue on Diversity in America, covering racial, ethnic, and religious groups and examining their changing roles in 21st-century life.
“There’s no doubt that today’s young people face enormous challenges. Still, the data tells us that they’re healthier, better educated, and have greater potential than any group of young people that’s come before—and I’m willing to bet that the generation that will transform the world into a better, more equal place has already been born. ” – @melindafrenchgates #Goalkeepers18




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@ciaobellameowbella it’s not the subject in the photo demanding change it’s the ideology of her religion, if you aren’t sure how that is I suggest you read the Quran and listen to a few Imam’s teachings translated to English.


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