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Photo by John E. Fletcher and Anthony B. Stewart: Hillside houses overlook smoke-belching steel mills in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This image was originally published in the magazine in July, 1949. #tbt #ThrowBackThursday #BlackAndWhite #Vintage

67,995 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania



@delroynh a lot different now!


Fotografia brutal, cheia de história. 🙏🙏


@vercingetorix4499 Thank you for your considered response.. I agree with you there is alot to be said for state ownership.


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@mchlmcgnn I'm glad we had a chance to discuss this.its always interesting to debate the tenets of free market capitalism.Thank you sir.Have a pleasant day


@mchlmcgnn its fairly well documented that they did in fact use forced labor to help lower is another reason as well maybe more so than forced labor.... steel mills in China are state owned enterprises, whom tends to be extremely vertically integrated and their real cost & profit calculation is very different from a typical private company.
Most SOE steel companies tends to operate their own iron mine and sometimes coal mines as well, therefore they are somewhat protected from the fluctuation in commodity price. They mine their own iron & coal, do their own milling process, and have their own furnace, so it costs them less to produce, thus they can afford to sell for less.
It’s also important to keep in mind that SOE means that it is essentially owned by the Chinese government itself, and this significantly reduces the true operating cost & increases true profit.A good example for true operating cost is that, let’s say a steel company in Canada pays its worker $100,000/yr, then roughly about $40,000 goes to the government as income tax, but as far as the Canadian company is concerned, it pays $100,000/yr to his worker. But if this was a SOE, which mean that you are the government itself, then you are really only paying the worker $60,000/yr, since you as the government would collect the tax anyway. So the true cost of your human capital is a lot cheaper.
Also, any commodity related businesses will always bring prosperity to its surrounding. When you open a steel mill you’ll hire hundreds of people, whom would create hundreds more employment in the service sector, since after all, those metal workers needs to eat, sleep and have some fun. But none of this local economy booms are relevant to a private company since a private company won’t benefit from any of that anyway.Not the case for a SOE, since all those local economic activities will generate additional tax revenue for the government, therefore significantly increases the true value of the steel mill.So Steel mills at china might look like they are losing money, but in reality, still creates net gain for its owner, which is the Chinese government itself.


@cristine27 I'm one of them high school education and 125000 a year working for united states steel same company in photo no regrets


@vercingetorix4499 You need to check US legislation 're prisoners. You will find that they are put to work with little or no pay. Every industrialised country goes through an evolution. Just over a century ago Britain was manufacturing 96% of the world's cotton goods and exporting all over the world, including to India. Manchester had thousands of mills. Now there is one. Where do you get your info 're Chinese 'slave labour'? I would be interested in such a report.


@mchlmcgnn If I was Chinese and the US was using slave and prison labor to harvest iron ore then I would.The difference is we paid our workers a decent salary to work in the mills and the mines which the Chinese did not.The only motivation the Chinese miner or mill workers had was to avoid a bullet


love it ❤️


@vercingetorix4499 Would you think the same way if it was the US doing the 'unloading ' ?


@mjmothra that is fucking cool.


So sad


@mchlmcgnn I'm all for free market.i just think it was a bit underhanded.ty


@bob.sheldon.92 truth is it may have been your post that initially gave me the idea!


@bob.sheldon.92 it was a group effort and a lot of fun!! It was the highway shot that really put it all together.


@jazzynomad Thank you for locating the now scene! I was obsessed with locating the street and looks like I was off a bit. The steepness if the street and the stone wall was throwing me for a loop.


@bob.sheldon.92 I just took an updated photo and posted the story on my page. :)


Just posted all about it on my page! Took an updated photo too.


And today windmills are taking over ! Yes there is hope


I love this place


Breathe in the fresh air! 🌱


Stunning shot!


How green was my valley



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