Bellerin should 69


So shit


@antoz.17 dont disagree


Why did his pace go from 78 to 69


Monreal and kosc should have higher! Bellerin, Kolasinac and Especially mustafi! The defenders should have positioning too!!


Sokratis and kolasinac should be higher


@cus___cus be realistic


@_.ammz._ what logic arsenal have bad defenders


EA and their dumb logic


Kosc used to have a sick card his pace put down alot!


This better be a fucking prediction or I'm gonna fucken jump outta a building


@kieronstewart Maybe not, doesn’t mean he’s not as fast


@jamesconniff and our best defender? Nah not having it.


@kieronstewart still, he’s just as fast as koscielney, if not more.


I love it how sokratis and litchensteiners rating has moved down just because they came to Arsenal


@jamesconniff not sure I said he was slow


Sokratis should be on 76 pace


Kos needs more pace, Monreal and Lichsteiner need better ratings!


@kieronstewart Why do people still think sokratis is slow?


Fuck right off ea Monreal was arguably are best player last year and how does kos have less Pace than sokratis


Monreal should be 83


How did nacho not get upgrade and it’s slightly annoying as Mustafi and kos are the Ramsey and xhaxa if 18


Damn our ratings got fucked


How is Sokratis our best defender, faster than Kos. What is this based on, Hype?


Monreal and kolasinac should be higher


Are these confirmed ratings? @aftvyounggunz


The pace are shit expect bellerin 😂😂😂😂


Monreal 60 pace😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


Monreal deserves 84 at least he is one of the most consistent defender of EPL


Tf is monreal overall 80!!!!!!

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