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Photo by @davidalanharvey | Many years ago I stayed for a couple of weeks here at the Sea Foam motel. I wasn’t on vacation, but shooting my first, but not last, story on the Outer Banks for @NatGeo. The place intrigues me. Partly a nostalgia trip for the 50’s pull your car up to the front door to your motel days. It’s also been on my mind for years as a photo story. I’ve shot it many times in all kinds of light thinking to have it as my book cover/title on the upcoming outer banks book. There are many fancier places one can stay here, yet none more retro and perfectly placed on the ocean front. If you get down to the OBX at least drive by and check it out. You too will see a movie set waiting to happen.




@therealmccrory great memories at the Sea Foam. I still have a post card souvenir


@jhaupt0018 did you see this post?!?


Muy interesante, me podrían dar precios? Muchísimas gracias!!.


@brianmurillo4 didn’t the seafoam get torn down and look, obx made it to @natgeo


Looks like a place to lay back for a while with out the 😒


@whatupkirbs yeeeeeeeee🧡🧡🧡


good times go hoos


Isn't this the hotel used in "Dallas Buyers Club"?


@kittlemuth let's go. Reminds me of "the sands"


We rented a house across the road from the Sea Foam. It was a cool view from our deck. It would be perfect in a Wes Anderson or Coen brothers movie


@marcw326 not sure where this is


@_dwyllek_ I love passing this joint; because I know we’re almost at our house!!!!!


@sheldonbg it’s even more beautiful than I remember


I knew it wasn’t in Hilton Head, you boneheads!😎


I have stayed there before! And agree it’s like walking back in time.


I have stayed there numerous times. We love the place! Walk over the dune and start surf fishing! Planning our Spring trip real soon.


@bjornin Outer Banks of North Carolina. A string of barrier islands that have protected the coastline for thousands of years.


@cloutpaccv2 that doesn't belong on a nat geo post


Outer Banks of NC USA


@pab.ross should I just leave you alone forever now?


It looks like one grafitti mission in gta san andreas😂 so nostalgic


@elsalsa 😩I’m om


No place like the OBX..heaven.

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