Selena Leandra Ramos

Love yourself.. You are beautiful
No matter your size, skin color, religion or sexuality
Don't ever let anyone doubt that
Life would be boring without diversity

You are beautiful
and the lenght of your dress tonight doesn't justify anyone calling you a slut nor gives them permission to grab your tight
Only you can give them consent
And remember to say no is your right

You are beautiful
wear those strechmarks with pride
They are perfectly normal and natural
Don't look at them as flaws
Your body is a miracle that you don't need to hide

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YES!!! Keep it up!! 💪💪.....




@anita___nk graciaaaas mi linda


@viktorijapetersen Thank u gorgeous 😚, im blessed :) but it was a hard way for me as well to the point where i currently stand right now. Its all about getting ur shit together and finding yourself


So beautiful ✨❤️


❤️ so new video is 5 more months


Love you 😍


You always look so amazing 💙💚💚💛❤❤❤


Can I buy this one now?


The Greatest shot


Even the things you don’t like about yourself make you interesting


I admire you a lot 🔝🔝🔝


nice post new prank next week please ⚡️⚡️⚡️


ya love it 🦄


Incredible! 🔟


I’m in love with you


Love your style mam






as soon as I find one Ill hook u up 💯


Love this look!



make more videos




Always smiling


whats your haircut name


ya it was crazy 🤠


loved it




Your smile makes me Happy

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