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Photo by @chien_chi_chang | I had always been fascinated with Myanmar (Burma) ever since I read George Orwell's Shooting an Elephant. I have made over ten trips to Myanmar in the past decade. Back then, the military junta was insular and xenophobic, and I had to assume that every move I made and every word I said was being watched or listened to by Big Brother’s ubiquitous informers.
It was unlike any land I had been to or knew about before. Every trip was challenging—sometimes menacing but always exciting, too. When I first photographed the Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, as she was released from house arrest, I switched taxis three times for a 10-minute ride, stopping by a movie theatre and a shopping mall to shake off potential tails so as to reach The Lady's party headquarters in one piece.
It had become a matter of time before she would come to power. I could smell an urgent hunger for, and sense of, freedom in the air. For the first time, it seemed that democracy and human rights would prevail in Myanmar. I had high hopes for the country and its people. #MagnumPhotos #cccontheroad




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Did you Photoshop those riot shields?


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Yes when I was there I felt as I needed to always look over my shoulder & our guide wouldn’t get within miles of Aung San Suu Kyi at the time she was under house arrest..... even the Americans working there for “our” government were extremely rude to us .... I will never forget how beautiful it was and the amazing lovely people


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Freedom in Myanmar? Ever watch Rambo 4?


And now is there any hope left?


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A story with no happy ending. Once a beacon of hope now a fading light about to be blow out, how very sad.








Just went there. It isn't that bad anymore. Growing middle class.


@roberto.vidal they look like emojis


Who are you to judge the politics of other nation? You must be an American.


But you know those root shields are obviously photoshopped, right?


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Sounds like what Alphabet, Google, Twitter, Facebook, SJWs, and democrats all want for the USA. Big Brother, every word, every move subjected to far left big brother. Chilling.


This is an offensively horrible example of photojournalism. Not only does the photo add nothing to the story, it looks as if it was photoshopped by a 8 year old with some emojis. You’ve been there 10 years and this is the best “representation” you could come up with? Blatantly and poorly bending the truth. NatGeo, you should be embarrassed.

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