#laniegegiftedme I’ve been loving this BB Cushion from Laneige! They have two versions (I picked the Pore Blur version) and it does a great job blurring my pores. It controls my oils, looks natural AND has a SPF 50. It also comes with a full size refill (insane!). The only con for me is the smallllll shade range. If you have normal or oily skin I think you’d love it. If you have dry skin you should check out the hydra-radiance version! #octolyfamily @laneige_us #laneige #laneigebbcushion #newmakeup #newatsephora #instabeauty #bblogger #laneigebbcushionporecontrol #cushionfoundation #discoverunder20k #makeupgoodies #makeupblogger

233 Georgetown, Texas



Beautiful cushion! Need to try these💗


Gorgeous picture!!!💖


@noninwoods you’re welcome!!


Thanks sweetie.💕


I want this one!!! I love @laneige_us


What was name of your fav $2 highlighter, lol forgot already




I haven’t tried the cushions some here in Asia expanded the shade range its a lot compared to shade 1 and shade 2 years ago lol


@othersummers this was my first one to try, they are kinda cool!


Ooh it sounds so lovely! I still haven’t tried a cushion foundation 😍

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