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Photo by @cockapoomarley
“Marley’s little nose just poking out of the oversized hood is how I feel through these autumn days,” says Marley’s (@cockapoomarley) human Katie Ramsden, “just wanting to hide away from the rain and cold.”
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Photo by @nicholesobecki | On a continent where natural resources have driven generations of boom and bust, Angola has a remarkable and frightening distinction. It is more dependent on commodity exports than just about any other nation in sub-Saharan Africa. Angola has long been repressive of independent journalists, and the opportunity to work there in 2016 was a rare chance to see the impact of the tremendous inequality that exists, from the glass skyscrapers soaring above the capital, Luanda, to this neighborhood overlooking Cabinda, a heavily guarded territory that accounts for half the oil output from the continent’s top petroleum producer. #oil #resourcecurse #angola #nicholesobecki


Fall in Korea ✨🍁🍁🍁✨
Picture by ✨✨@mehmetsert✨✨
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A group of hippos lounge in the Mfuwe Lodge lagoon. Photo by #natgeoexpeditions photographer @kengeiger. #zambia #hippo @bushcampcompany


Peak performance ⛰


Photo by @amivitale // Tamils celebrate thai pongal, the harvest festival, a day of thanksgiving to the sun and celebration of the pastoral tradition in Alavetty, Jaffna.
I worked for National Geographic (@natgeo) covering the aftermath of the nearly three-decade conflict in Sri Lanka. Follow @amivitale for more uplifting stories from around the world.

Sri Lanka is a densely populated, seemingly idyllic island in the Indian Ocean finally emerging from decades of a brutal civil war. Today it is known for its beautiful white beaches, wildlife and culture. The hope is that it can move forward and begin to solve some of the issues of postwar reconciliation, a story I covered for National Geographic (@natgeo). Follow @amivitale for more uplifting stories from around the world.

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Breaking Fast | Photograph by Arnab Basu
As the sun sets during the month of Ramadan, construction laborers gather in Dubai so that can break their day-long fast and feast together. #YourShotPhotographer Kimberly Coates (@kimcoatesphoto) commented, "I love how you can zoom into any aspect of this photo and find a unique interaction."

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“Me the second I see a snowflake” writes @thegoldenfinn


La vie en rose 💜


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